Lisa and Kiran {the wedding}

Lisa and Kiran had their whole wedding at Frensham Heights, a beautiful school in the Surrey countryside. It was a lovely day of family and love and laughter with literally dozens of little kids in attendance. Being parents themselves Lisa and Kiran made it a wonderfully family-friendly day, arranging a crèche to entertain the kids on site!

Lisa is a jewellery designer and found us through a network of London wedding suppliers. It's always a huge honour when somebody within the wedding industry asks us to photograph their day. It was also lovely to encounter a good old ceilidh again, after almost a year out of Scotland! 


Foreva said...

Absolutely gorgeous - beautiful pictures

Liz Rose Bowman said...

beautiful! Also, those little girls have incredible eyebrows.

Unknown said...

The use of light, the intensely human, beautiful, quite moments. So, so lovely. Magnificent job, as always.