Clare and Scott {the wedding}

There are all sorts of weddings that hold special places in our hearts, big weddings with the magic of a huge celebration, small weddings with the electricity that fizzles between just a few special people, weddings following short engagements with all their whirlwind excitement, weddings of couples who have been together for years and years with all of that history and meaning shared.

 And then there are the weddings of couples who have already made a huge and irreversible leap of faith together, the couples who have had a child (or children) before they get married. There is something about those couples that we really love. Maybe it's because they know that the wedding, while fun, probably isn't going to be the best day of their lives, they've already been there. They have a sense of serenity and perspective that I love, that I wish we had had when we got married but that doesn't seem to be achievable without first making a whole other person together. They also have really cute small people in fancy outfits, which is pretty great too.

 Clare and Scott got married this summer in Inverness, alongside their little boy Noah. Clare was gorgeous in her sparkly princess dress. Scott was nervous with his speech in his pocket. Noah was adorable with his kilt and tiny tie and all around them smiles lit up the room. It was a perfect day of love and joy and family and friends and we wish Clare, Scott and Noah a million more smiles together