France {Languedoc}

Nye's parents moved to Languedoc in the south of France a couple of years ago. After 12 months of moving around the region in rented Gites they finally into a brand new, light-filled house last year. Overlooking the valley, their beautiful white space clings to an ancient hillside covered in small, gnarled oak and olive trees. The scent of wild thyme fills the air as you scramble up scree-strewn paths and at night the grunts and snuffles of wild boar and the twit-twoos of tiny owls spill out of the forest.
We are just back from a holiday there, taking the girls to visit their grandparents (and grand-dog) and enjoying a diet of bread, wine and cheese for ten days before the wedding season starts in earnest. We love visiting Languedoc. From the chic and cosmopolitan city of Montpelier to the deserted sandy beaches of the coast, the whole region is beautiful. Winter is a glorious, albeit quiet, time to visit. You have everything to yourself; the vineyards and ch√Ęteaus, olive groves and horse ranches, tiny empty towns and villages that in the summers are filled to bursting and the restaurants that are open for 3 hours on a Tuesday. 

We would love to photograph some weddings in Languedoc and neighbouring Provence, especially now that we have a base (and babysitters!) there. Our French is abysmal (non-existent actually) but I think we could get by, it didn't hold us back in August 2009 when we photographed Karen and Darren's wedding in St Bonnet and we do plan to learn, honestly. Wherever we went I couldn't help sighing to Nye 'oh, this would make a beautiful wedding location, let's work here. Let's live here.' So:  2013 weddings in the south of France? Yes please. In fact 2013 weddings anywhere in France sounds pretty wonderful to me, okay?