Tarah & Nathan {an engagement}

We met with Tarah and Nathan one wet and miserable morning in Battersea Park. It was wonderful. Wet and miserable light is my very favourite (which is handy).

We went for a small walk along the riverside and to be honest not a lot of photography was done as we could not. stop. talking.

You see there was just so much to talk about. Tarah and Nathan are getting married in August, in the most perfect way. Tarah is a fledgling photographer and Nathan is a writer. They rescue cats. Cats with one eye and three legs (my favourite kind). And really, they're just the sweetest, kindest, friendliest pair. LOTS to talk about. And we just can't wait for their wedding.


I think that this probably isn't an accessory we'll be taking along to weddings this year. But for the occassional engagement shoot? Perhaps.

Lillian and Leonard {in the press}

A year into having our shiny, sparkling website we have finally added a 'press' page, showing off some of the magazine pieces and blog posts we've featured in over the last year or so. It's been amazing, we've had pieces in four different mags (Wedding, Brides, Best Scottish Weddings and Real Life Weddings) and some really fantastic blogs.

I love blogs. When we were planning our wedding I became deeply entrenched in the world of wedding blogs and I never really left it so it gives me such a thrill when our photos get featured on one of the blogs that helped inspire our wedding* (Snippet and Ink, Once Wed...) or one of the blogs started by girlies who were planning their weddings and starting their blogs at the same time as us (A Practical Wedding, East Side Bride, Rock n Roll Bride...) or one of the new British blogs that have given the wedding industry on this side of the Atlantic a much needed kick of inspiration (Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress...)

More pictures and links over here.

* One day, when posting is really slow, I might just share some pictures of that. Maybe.

A little wedding album {and a big one too}

The album company that we used to use went bust last year, taking some of our albums with it. Once we were done cursing them and their albums and their stupid stupid company we found Finao and all of a sudden losing those couple of albums didn't seem so bad because Finao's are a million times more beautiful.

I know not everyone wants an album and definitely that not everyone can afford an album (these babies are expensive. Worth every penny, but still, expensive) so we never ever try to push our couples towards buying one. There are enough wedding professionals using guilt and coercion to part the engaged with as much of their cash as possible and we won't be another one of them. Not to mention that designing an album equals another week in front of the computer. No way are we going to be pushing for the extra workload!

However. When a couple does order an album I can't help but feel a thrill of excitement because our pictures never look better than when positioned perfectly next to each other, printed on crystal clear paper, mounted on extra thick board, bound with fabric and thread then wrapped in buttery leather. Yum.

Whenever an album arrives at our door I just know that Nye and I will spend the afternoon gazing at it, turning the pages ever so carefully and saying to each other 'it does look nice, doesn't it?' over and over again before wrapping it carefully in tissue, tucking a letterpressed card into its folds and arranging for it to be couriered to one very lucky couple.

The Details: one Contemporary Wedding Book, one Contemporary Parent Book, both bound in 'Shroom leather. The Wedding Book is 14x11" and the Parent Book 7x5". Both come in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.

Coming up, the Classic Wedding Book (when our next one arrives from Australia) and our disk packaging. Not to mention the wedding mags we were featured in over the course of 2010. A little filler in other words, until our first wedding comes around in March.