Polly and Glen {a preview}

This weekend we photographed Polly and Glen's wedding at the beautiful Matara Centre in the Cotswolds. It was an amazing venue and one I would gladly return to every week. In fact I'd be happy just to move in and live there permanently. 

Tomorrow we're off back to the Highlands to photography Katie and Craig's wedding. Katie was a bridesmaid at Gill and Keith's barn wedding (one of our favourites of all time) back in 2010 and I love following the circles and lines of families and friendships through the weddings we are a part of. 

The next few weeks are completely hectic as we photograph weddings from Gloucester to Manchester, Inverness to Sussex, Exeter to Westminster. Not to mention half a dozen baby and family photoshoots that Cara will be fitting in and around weddings! 

See you on the other side! 

A discount on last minute bookings!

As you might know, we moved from Glasgow to London at the end of last year. We're settling in beautifully and are really excited about all of the weddings that we've got coming up across the south over the next eights months. However a weird side effect of the timing of our move is that we have found ourselves with an oddly quiet July and August, and while we're happy to spend the summer enjoying the sweet London weather we figured it might be nice to fit a few weddings in there too, and we do love a last minute wedding!

So, for this season only we are offering a 20% discounts on July and August weddings in and around London. If you're getting married this summer and haven't got yourself a photographer yet, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!