Jane and Warrick, a preveiw

We've been sitting on this clifftop wedding where we were the witnesses (and only guests) for too long.

Maryam and Steve, the wedding

Maryam and Steve got married a few days after Christmas. Glasgow was still dusted with snow and the light that was cast across the whitened city was magical. Inside City Halls and West Brewery warmth radiated from every corner, whether it came from the candles, the guests, the mulled wine or Maryam and Steve's irrepressible and completely infectious sense of humour. When the night-time came guests danced, they whirled and twirled to ceilidh music, their hands created beautiful shapes in the air as the sounds of Iranian disco blared across the room and finally they really let go to some good and proper 'cheesy wedding music' (Steve's words, not mine) at which point we departed into the night, hearts filled with love and celebration and a hundred thousand wishes of happiness for Maryam and Steve.
ceremony venue: City Halls
reception venue: West
photography: Lillian and Leonard