shiny and new

When we started Lillian and Leonard we had no money, none at all. We did however have a library card so off we went and brought home as many books as we could find about building your own website. For weeks I didn't see Nye as he sat in front of the computer scowling at HTML For Idiots and swearing at the the screen. Months later we had a website.

It was a little slow, a little cranky, a little blurry around the edges and virtually impossible to find with search engines but we loved it and we were so very proud of it. Well we have finally outgrown that website and while letting go of it (and paying for the new one) was painful we are really excited with the new

It's faster, it's sleeker, it's shinier and most importantly it's so much easier to update. Previously adding a new gallery to our site would take us, oh pretty much a month. Now we can do it in minutes. If that's not worth parting with a hundred million pounds (or thereabout) then nothing is.

We've also been tinkering with our poor neglected blog, sorting our our sidebar links and adding some of the great venues, florists, bands and other wedding pros we've worked with over the last year as well as a more comprehensive list of the best wedding inspiration that we have found on the internet.

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