Lillian and Leonard {in the press}

A year into having our shiny, sparkling website we have finally added a 'press' page, showing off some of the magazine pieces and blog posts we've featured in over the last year or so. It's been amazing, we've had pieces in four different mags (Wedding, Brides, Best Scottish Weddings and Real Life Weddings) and some really fantastic blogs.

I love blogs. When we were planning our wedding I became deeply entrenched in the world of wedding blogs and I never really left it so it gives me such a thrill when our photos get featured on one of the blogs that helped inspire our wedding* (Snippet and Ink, Once Wed...) or one of the blogs started by girlies who were planning their weddings and starting their blogs at the same time as us (A Practical Wedding, East Side Bride, Rock n Roll Bride...) or one of the new British blogs that have given the wedding industry on this side of the Atlantic a much needed kick of inspiration (Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress...)

More pictures and links over here.

* One day, when posting is really slow, I might just share some pictures of that. Maybe.

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