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Today we're really happy to share something a little more personal than usual. In April Nye's brother and his girlfriend told us that after many (many) years together they were going to be getting married; next month. They were planning a tiny wedding in south London, with just their close family, a ceremony in Wandsworth Town Hall and a very relaxed Italian meal at Corellis cafe in Battersea, scene of their first date all those years ago and many excellent meals since. 

To say I was excited was an understatement. Being closer to these two was one of the main reasons that we moved south and helping them to plan such a lovely day was a huge honour. There were 6 weeks of giddy pinteresting, shopping and planning and it being a small and relaxed wedding wasn't going to get in the way of it being exceptionally stylish; within the space of a week I'd found myself shopping both in Vivienne Westwood with the bride and on Savile Row with the groom. 

On the morning of the wedding I put together a simple hand tied bouquet of Lily of the Valley, left a house bustling with twins and Nye and Nye's parents and scooted over to Jo and Mary's house to travel to Wandsworth Town Hall with them. They'd had a hair-raising morning of finding out that Corellis wasn't expecting them until the following week but in true Sicilian fashion they told Mary 'don't worry about it' and swore everything would be fine. Which it was. More than fine. The whole day was a beautiful, relaxed, personal celebration of love and the quintessential Little City Wedding. 

Mary wore a red Vivienne Westwood dress with a gorgeous Japanese inspired blue jacket, Jo wore a ridiculously dapper Savile Row suit. We ate pasta and meat balls and mountains of antipasti, we drank the fruitiest most delicious wine and ate ice cream and tiramisu until we almost burst and then finished up with shots of grappa and amaretto. 

Afterwards we walked through Battersea Park, drank tea by the pond and then headed to the pub where we drank fancy gin until it was time to wave Mary and Jo off on their honeymoon. 

Pop over to A Practical Wedding to see the day in photos and to read a little of the bride & groom's words on the day. Many thanks to Meg and Maddie of APW for featuring the wedding, especially to Meg who as soon as she saw the photos back in May demanded that we send Mary and Jo to her asap. 

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