A Practical Wedding.

 "Ever since I started writing APW, I wanted to write a wedding book with my particular perspective. A sane book. A mildly irreverent book. A book that told you it was ok to do what you wanted, but you also had to respect other people's feelings. A book inspired by all the Miss Mannersbooks I giggled over as a small child lying at the bottom of a very large bookshelf, but with how-to instructions on how to actually get the job done. A book with some proper wedding history included. A book that told you how to get to the other side with grace and with your dignity and savings more or less intact. I wanted to write the book I really needed when I was planning." Meg, author of A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planing a Beautiful, Affordable and Meaningful Celebration.

Our dear friend Meg wrote a book about weddings, about marriage, about what's important and what isn't and we are so proud of her. Not just because she got a book published but because she got a really important book published, one that says all of the things that people are scared to say about weddings and marriage. If you're engaged or you're thinking of getting engaged (or someone you know is one of those things) then please buy a copy, it will change your wedding experience for the better, I promise. Also you might just find Cara in there, sharing the wisdom of a Wedding Survivor.

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