Ruth and Tom {the wedding}

Things to know about Ruth and Tom:

♥ they're both art school survivors (like us)
♥ Tom bought himself a beagle as an engagement present
♥ said beagle eats raw carrots like bones
♥ Tom runs an amazing printing company with his best man
♥ all of the shorts in all of the Topshops? Picked by Ruth.
♥ they are the sweetest and got married this spring in Fife

venue: Balbirnie House
bride's dress: Jenny Packham
bridesmaids' dresses: topshop
flowers: I Heart Flowers


caught the light said...

All of this feels like a really beautiful true story of how beautiful weddings can be. So, so lovely.

Marie said...

Love love love. And the beagle, just the absolute cherry on the top of a stunning wedding.

Kristy said...

Engagement puppy!

This just made me smile all the way through. And not just because of the beagle. What a beautiful wedding. Love the dance floor photos - the one of the green shoes especially.

elle said...

She's gorgeous. And responsible for my cherry red hotpants? Bonza!

Also, fabulous photos, you two.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots of a gorgeous wedding. And what dancing!

Natalia said...

Beautiful photos of our best friends Ruth and Tom, and not to forget Millie! What a wonderful day it was. We are so excited for Cara and Nye to be covering our own wedding this summer too!!

K said...

Oh, this one brought me to tears, mainly because it was where I got married nearly 3 years ago. Secret: I wish you had been our wedding photogs :)

cara @ lillian and leonard said...

@K, secret: I wish so too. And thank you.