Mailin and Edd's Edinburgh Wedding

This summer Mailin and Edd got married at Kirknewton Stables just outside Edinburgh. Together with their three gorgeous daughters they hosted the most fabulous party complete with the most delicious food, the most beautiful flowers and the most fun guests, the highlight of which was undoubtedly the Rolls Royce from Edinburgh institution S.Luca that arrived during dinner to ply guests young and old with unlimited ice cream!

. venue, Kirknewton Stables
. tipi, Tentipi
. dress, Jenny Packham from PanPan
. flowers, Monica Higgins
. catering, Valvona and Crolla
. ice cream Rolls Royce, S. Luca
. band, Teannaich

. photography, Lillian and Leonard Wedding Photography


Kristy said...

What a fabulous wedding! I just had so many exclamations in my head - you two do an amazing job at capturing little moments. I love it.

Graciete said...

Very pretty, and I love your detail shots!

Foreva said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Looks such a happy wedding. Beautiful shots.

Meg said...

1) That's stunning.
2) The lady with the white dress and ruffly collar? hot.
3) Those pictures of everyone hanging out at the end there? That's what you should be going for.
4) We never saw effing weather like that in Scotland. What the heck??

poet said...

Awwwww! You guys danced Strip the Willow! How I miss that!